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Important Tips to Keep in Mind when Playing Online Slots

Playing online slots is not just about having fun but there are important reminders that you must keep in mind, they are the following:

  1. Play at reputable online slot casinos. When playing online slots, the basic and the number one rule is to choose a game provider that has been in the industry for some time and with a good reputation like the Book of RA online. Take time to look for a website which is a member of an online gaming commission which has been organized as well as a site which is regularly audited in terms of randomness and fair play. The site that you must play with must have a good reputation for speedy banking options that includes good deposit and withdrawal services and good customer service. book of ra online
  2. You must play within limits. When playing online slot games, it is very important to know the value of playing within your limits, at the level where you can afford. Each online slot player must set game limits, both for money and time. Also, the player should keep his stakes at a point where his bankroll can withstand adequate sessions in order for him to last by winning some or even more.
  3. You must know the game you want to play. Online slot games are usually straight forward, you bet and then spin. This may seem simple but for a player who does not fully understand the game, he could end up wasting more money than he intended to play with. The players must ensure they understand about the betting limits and how they work on every game they play or they will be caught wagering more credits than what they intend to do.
  4. Take advantage of the bonuses. Remember, every online casino is offering its players bonuses once they play on their site, this means that online slot game players can win the best casino bonuses given in the industry. Also, every savvy slot player is knowledgeable to take advantage of bonuses as well as VIP points; these are part of the game. Bonuses vary depending on the website. For some, the bonuses are allowed to be converted to play slot tournament entries, play credits and even cash by the time a player signs up or will play the specified credit amounts.
  5. Play in the most appropriate state of mind. It is very essential to be in a coherent state when playing online slots. Do not play under the influence of alcohol or drugs, this will doom every player and will never achieve good results. Most of the time, it could lead to spending more money than a player who has a right mindset.

Keep these essential tips in mind and you will not only gain fun but also in monetary value.

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Top Casino Games

Today, there are so many games offered in Casinos but do you wonder what are the most popular games played? You can check every casino’s source link to know the top games but this article will give the top three, they are:

  • Poker – This is a card game which is based on five card hand. The hands’ ranking from highest to lowest are royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair, pair and high card. The player who gets the best hand will win. Poker has many versions such as 5-card stud, 5-card draw, Omaha Hold’em, Texas Hold’em, 7-card stud and Pineapple.
  • Craps – This is a dice game with high energy which is based on 7. The player is going to place bets all over the table since there are many areas to bet. The main focus of Craps is to Pass the line, the numbers 7 and 11 will win while numbers 12, 3, and 2 will lose. All the numbers rolled will establish a point and if a certain number is going to roll again before number 7 is rolled, then the bet wins. On the other hand, the Do not Pass line is the opposite, numbers 2 and 3 will win while 7 and 11 will lose. The Field line is going to win on numbers 11, 10, 9, 4, 3, 2 while 12 and 12.2 will pay double. The Come line is going to be playable when you already established a point and works similarly with the Pass line. The play of Don’t Come is like Don’t Pass, there must be an established point.
  • Black Jack 21 – This is a card game which is played between the player and the house. The dealer will deal out two cards to every player and themselves. One card of the dealer must face up and the other down and the players will take turns to try getting close to 21 without getting over. Aces are equal to 11 or 1 while the face cards are valued at 10 and the number cards are equal to the face value. To get a card, the player will call a hit and will stand to end his turn. Also, the player can call double when he wishes to double the bet and may receive only one card when the turn ends. In case the player possesses two identical numbered cards, it is allowed to split but this will require him to make the bet double and they can get two additional cards. When the turns of the players are over, this the time when the dealer is going to reveal the card. The dealer hits if his total is 16 or below and stands if it is 17 and higher. Every player possessing a hand that can beat the dealer wins but it should not go over 21.

betting brain

These are the top casino games.

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Play Real Live Casino From Home!

So you like your gambling and totally enjoy the casino atmosphere with their live dealers and real machines? Yeah baby, but what happens if there’s no casino in your town? You can either splash your money on traveling and get yourself to Macau or Las Vegas or you can just sit in your armchair/sofa, relax and play from home! You think I’m kidding you? Now way!

For all people just like you who love to play their casino games but have no access to real casino or just don’t want to leave the house there’s an amazing TV casino game, Super Casino TV which combines the experience of real casino with real croupiers and delivers it straight to your doorstep.

Every day, from 6pm to 4am live croupiers will be there to entertain you! They will spin the roulette wheel every 2 and a half minutes giving you time to place your bets online or while using your phone system. Live Roulette SKY 866 is available on TV 24/7 on various channels – SKY is their home platform with SKY 866 being their paramount channel but they have air-time on other channels too – Open Access 190, Freeview, Freesat! you can watch it anytime of a day or night – it’s on 24hrs. What’s more improtant and more exciting is that the show is broadcasted live and it’s not pre-recorded! If you don’t have television or you’re not a SKY customer, you should not need to worry as there’s an option for you! As long as you have an Internet connection, Live Roulette Online is your option! The TV show streamed to the website – live, with no delays! And it’s exactly the same show and the same game with the same presenters, same bets – all live for you online.

All you need to do is sign-up online or on the phone and you’re ready to go! If you choose to play from the website you can use the flash application available on there. There are no downloads – everything is on the site. You can deposit your money in your account using your credit card straight away. If needed, you can top it up at any time and withdraw your winnings instantly too. You can bet as little as 1 and as much as 500.

All that available for you live at most exciting casino game out there, roulette live tv available on SKY 866, Open Access 190, Freeview and Freesat, as well as online! You can sign up instantly and start winning right away, so what are you waiting for! Get in and grab your roulette bonus of up to 250. Live on air now.

Your nickname will appear on the TV leaderboard every time you win and the live croupier will read out your name – fame at last! The wheel is real, the winnings are real – join now and deposit a minimum of 20 to join the game! You can be the next lucky winner!

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Poker – Tips, Tricks and Rules

Learn the trade instead of learning the tricks of trade may be the common cliché’ but in the game like poker, which is full of cheats, deception and bluff, it becomes quite very necessary to learn the tricks besides learning the trade itself.

You may think that learning tricks is easier than learning the trade. But in reality it’s no so.

Grasping the hidden tricks and tips requires a lot of psychology, skill and more over great amount of concentration. And minimizing your same old silly mistakes you’ve been repeating in the past. .

To become a top poker player, fast, one need to follow some tips, tricks and rules while playing this bluffing game of poker. Follow these important points and you’ll learn all the

trade tricks and be the winner, always!

1) No drunkards: No drinks please! 2 drinks may make you relaxed, but it may lead being a loser every time. And this may prompt you more drinks. So, better be out of this vicious circle.

2) Play in alight mood: It’s a general notion that playing you are emotionally weak sad, mad or depressed will make you winner and lighten your mood or anger. Being a poker doesn’t ever do that. Playing for escaping your sadness or bad mood. Is never a good idea. You give your fellow player an edge over yourself.

3) Attention to cards: if you are a beginner, it’s enough to pay attention to your own cards. But once you’re tried and tested, try to keep eye on what’s going on the table. Figure out the best possible hand for fitting the flop.

4) Observing other players: paying attention and observing the opponents is one best thing you can do to bluff, before you get bluffed. Once you know, when player folds to re-raise, that’s when you can steal the pot and be the winner.

5) Play not every hand: almost every poker beginner makes the mistake of playing far more hands than they can or should! To a beginner, it may seem that playing more means winning more. But sadly, its vice-versa in most cases

6) No bluffing for bluffing’s sake: newbie feel that, they have not won or are not a good player till now, until they bluff. But it’s not like this in the least. Remember, that bluffing only applies in certain case and against certain people only.

Poker - Tips, Tricks and Rules

7) Staying because you’re already in: it’s a blunder to think or say, that “you’ll have to stay, as you have put so much in the pot.” Throwing money in the pot won’t always make you a winner. As is it, the money thrown in the pot is now not yours. And playing even till the end of game wont help in getting you yours money back!

8) Lucky me: don’t always play thinking that luck will favor will as always. You need to have at least some knowledge about this bluffing poker. Rather try practice playing poker and be prepared before entering that one round of poker, especially, if you’re a professional poker player. As, luck favor the prepared.

Poker is a smart game. So, defeat the defeat, before the defeat defeats you!

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Poker Player Strategy – Guide to Big Money!

In every tournaments, we admire how our favorite poker players beat their opponents with their outstanding skills and strategy. Well, playing poker is not only a matter of popularity but the urge to win the Big Money! As you read this, it appears that you’re also a poker player and had the same desire to win the big profits. Here are simple steps to guide you towards your next poker ‘win win’ game!

We are different individual, different poker player, different mind set and capability. Let’s start our poker strategy with our own unique self. You should understand that a single strategy that works to one player not always work to another, therefore, as you understand the following steps; start thinking how could you apply it to your own game style.

Individual Poker Strategy

The basic step towards your big money is to learn your own strategy. First, its important that you have decided what is your game of focus like for instance Texas hold’em where you enjoy and have confident to play with your skills. Think of yourself, are you a tight or lose player? What is your bankroll? Vision your own self. Its best if you know from the start what you wanted, if your just playing poker for fun or you are seriously taking it as your means of living and income.

Correct Mindset

Our first poker strategy is to create a correct mindset and its your desire to succeed and be successful in your poker career. As they say “its all in the mind”; what you think, is what you became you are. Once you had planted the desire to win and play poker by heart, it gives you the initiative to give the required effort to earn your big money.

Profit Basics

Learning the basics is always the best foundation in any game that we take. Poker basics is fundamental. Professional poker players starts in learning everything they can step by step, from the basics up to composing themselves to their own strategy. Don’t rush yourself; learn bluffing, pot odds, slow playing, rules and variations of the game and the game you wish to focus on. Playing without knowledge is more expensive; since you are very prone to losing your money.

Money Management Plan

Your gambling bankroll is always a major consideration. As part of our poker strategy, its very important to learn how to manage your gambling bankroll. You should decide how much money you are capable to play with your poker and what level of stakes should you play at? Set your bankroll before hand, staying power of at least 200-300 bets is good. Since you don’t have the experience and money, don’t make the mistake of playing in high stakes games.

Expand your game knowledge

Knowledge is power. This applies to everything, even in your poker game. Don’t stop on what you know, continue learning and expanding your knowledge is the best way to widen your skills. Be an open minded to new poker ideas and strategies, learn it wisely and check if this could apply to your own poker style. Read poker reviews, online guides and poker books at least twice or once a month to improve your own strategy. Participating in tournaments and online casinos on the other hand gives you experience.

Focus on your opponents

Paying as much attention to other poker players as you do on your own play is good. You should beat other players mentally; your confident, skills, and strategy to over come your opponent, gives you the best aura.

Self Reflection

Reflect on your own play. After each game, analyze why you won or lost in your game. Does your strategy work? Or why it went wrong? Analyzing your overall play gives you continues learning how to improve yourself. This would reflect your game weakness and strength as well as your competent regarding your opponents strategy.

Winning poker with big profits depends on your poker strategy and self control. Its a complete set of your skill, confident, bankroll management and the desire to take home the big money!

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Card Games Online

If you love card games then at this moment in time more than ever before you have access to truckloads of card games on the Net, especially poker online. If you are new to poker online, I recommend that you start with Texas Hold em, and then you can try Omaha, Stud, and Pineapple etc. Fight your way trough poker tournaments or cash games and win all the cash and/or property. Deuces Wild is an inspiring poker game, which features challenging game play. None of the poker games use real money but are only for fun and for helping you become a better card player. One of the most popular variants of games for download is poker games that you can find across thousands of sites online.

Card Games Online

Rummy started as a game called Coon-Can, which spread from Mexico to the South Western United States in the early 1900’s. Play Gin Rummy and Kalooki and have the opportunity to make real money online.

For Pinochle and its parent Bezique, a single deck is composed of two poker or piquet decks with all values from 2-8 removed; originally, this actually required two poker decks, but the games popularity led to the commercialization of a specific single deck of the needed values. When both players are ready, one of them says spit and without delay each player takes the top card from his deck and plays it to the center of the table.

Card Games Online

The game Gordon, Scout Leader Spoons is a fun game that requires a deck of cards, some willing spoons players, the object of the game is for three or more players to collect four cards that match like four sevens or four jacks and not be the person without a spoon.

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November Nine and online poker bragging rights – Providence poker

With the author on vacation, the “Poker Links of the Week” took a one-week hiatus. But what a week it was! The “November Nine,” who will compete for the World Series of Poker’s Main Event bracelet is set (and there is plenty of intrigue in the group), a payment processor filed a motion for the return of online poker funds seized by the U.S. government, and Poker Stars won a battle with Full Tilt to break the world record for the largest online poker tournament ever.

November Nine and online poker bragging rights - Providence poker

Ivey, logger headline “November Nine”Phil Ivey, who already has two WSOP bracelets to his name this year, is the most famous player to make the WSOP’s Main Event final table, which will take place this November. But the massive chipleader is Darvin Moon, a logger from Maryland.

Card Player’s Shulman’s comments raise eyebrowsJeff Shulman, President and COO of Card Player magazine, trails only Phil Ivey as a recognizable name in this year’s November Nine. But Shulman’s comments stating that he would throw the bracelet in the trash if he won the tournament have garnered a lot of attention. Some say its sour grapes, since Card Player no longer has exclusive rights to live updates at WSOP events. Shulman clarifies his remarks in this story.

Poker Stars wins battle for bragging rightsA few weeks ago, Full Tilt announced that it would attempt to break the world record for largest online poker tournament, which Poker Stars had set several years ago, with a $5 buy-in event to celebrate its fifth tournament. Poker Stars responded with a $1 buy-in event, and while both sites beat the old mark of 35,000 players, Poker Stars had a turnout of 65,000 players compared to Full Tilt’s 50,000, to retain the title.  

Account Services files motion for return of fundsLast month, the Southern District Court of New York seized $30 million of online poker funds from payment processors. Last week, Account Services filed a motion for the return of those funds. Bluff Magazine provides a great summary of what has happened in this story.

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How to Play This Russian Card Game

Durak is the name of the most popular card game in Russia. Durak means fool and it refers to the person who loses the game. There are two variations of Durak: Podkidnoy Durak and Perevodnoy Durak. In this article, you can find the basics for playing Podkidnoy Durak.

How to Play This Russian Card Game

With How Many Cards Do I Play With?Reduced poker deck with 36 cards from 6 to Ace.

What is the object of the game?To get rid of all your cards.

How to Play This Russian Card Game

How Should I Deal?Each player is dealt 6 cards face down. The top card of the remaining deck is placed face-up. This card defines the trump suit for the game. The rest of the deck is placed above the face-up trump card. The first time it does not matter who deals. The following times the dealer will be the person who lost the previous game.

How Should I Play Durak?Like in many other card games such as poker and rummy, the first person to play is the one who holds the lowest trump suit in his hand. The game proceeds in a clockwise direction. The player who started to play acts an attacker and the player sitting next to him in a clockwise direction acts as a defender. The attacker throws any card he wishes from his hand and the defender must beat this card.

A card can be beaten by a higher card of the same suit or any card of the trump suit, unless the card is itself from the trump suit. In the latter case it can only be beaten by a higher trump. If the defender cannot or does not want to beat the card of the attacker he must collect it and add it to his hand. If the defender beats the card the attacker can add another card of the same rank of one of the cards on the table. The defender must beat this card too.

Apart from this, other players at the table can attack the defender if they had cards from the same rank of one of those on the table. The defender cannot be attacked by a number of cards that exceeds the number of cards in his hand. Besides, in the most common variation of Durak this number cannot exceed 6, even if the defender has more cards.

If the defender cannot beat one or more cards he has been attacked with he must collect all the cards at the table and add them to his hand. If the defender succeeds to beat all the cards, these cards are discarded and placed in a separate heap called otboy. In the next turn, the defender will attack.

After the turn is over, no matter whether the defender succeeds to beat all the cards or has to take them, the players who have less than 6 six in their hands compensate their hands from the remaining deck, so everyone at the table will have at least 6 cards.

The cards are taken by the attackers of the previous turn in the clockwise direction starting with the person who has attacked first. The defender is the last person to take cards. If there are no cards left in the remaining deck the face-up trump card is taken by the person whose turn is to take cards. After this no more cards are taken and the game continues until all people one by one get rid of their hands. The person who remains with the cards is called Durak.

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Easy Card Tricks Serial

Here it is : new card trick from the easy card tricks serial by Bernard Ryan.

First Step. Let’s start by mixing the deck of cards, then glance at the last card (the eight of clubs let’s suppose) and after that spread out the pack in your hands.Say “Let me to show you one thing. At the begining I shuffle the deck.”The cards should be positioned with the face on your side and the back on their side.Second Step.Tell your friend to select any card, BUT not view it, and place it apart. Name the card at the bottom before he selects. Remember, for this instance the end card is the eight of clubs.

“I will now present you that you possess telepathic abilities. I can watch the cards, but you can’t. I will say to you which cards you are going to take, earlier you choose them and then telepathically transport their place to you. Choose any card you want from the deck of cards and without watching it, set it apart. Your 1st chosen card will be the eight of clubs.”You should practice numerous variations to this presentation, but we have determined that this one makes the best sense and audience never catch on if you do it this way as it changes the concentration from magic trick to telepathy.

Easy Card Tricks Serial

Third Step. As they pick their first card, you visualize which one they choose and remember it. It is the four of diamonds for this illustration.”You will right away select a second card and put it with your first. Your second card should be the four of diamonds.”

Fourth Step. As they select their second card you once again discover which one they choose and remember it. It is the ten of hearts for this case.”The third card you will take will be the ten of hearts. Put it with the last ones.”

Fifth Step. As they select their third card, you again remember it. In this example it will be the queen of clubs.”Ok. I am right away going to choose a card and it will be the queen of clubs.”

Sixth Step. You select out the end card (the eight of clubs) and place it at the bottom of the lot of 3 cards that the person has picked out. Make sure he doesn’t discover where you set it.”If your subconsious has perceived my thoughts and got the communication of the cards places we should now have the next cards: the eight of clubs, the four of diamonds, the ten of hearts and the queen of clubs.”You set the card you have picked out at the end of the others so that they will be in arrangement.

Easy Card Tricks Serial

Seventh Step. Deal out the four cards, one by one.”So, the first card I told you to take is the eight of clubs, the second was the four of diamonds, the third the ten of hears and the fourth the queen of clubs.”

Eight Step. Compliment the person on his telekinetic abilities.You can have them pick out as many cards as you want to trully have the trick look veridic and hide the appending of the first card at the end.

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Fort Worth Poker League Holds 6th Annual Donkfest Tornament

Every poker player has been drawn out on by what we all consider a donkey. The Saturday Night Poker League decided six years ago to celebrate donkey play once a year to try to eliminate that style of play from its regular tournaments, and to the most part it has.

The idea was to give players a chance to play any two cards at anytime. The buy in was set at $5 with re-buys through six blind levels. The event has turned into one of the most fun and at the same time more serious tournaments of the season for the players in the league.

David Frey won the inaugural event back in 2007. Don Whitley took the title in 2008, with Sharon “The Cake Lady” Whitley winning in 2009. The last two years 2010 and 2011, Randall Whitley became the first back to back Donk-Champion. Last year going heads-up with his better half Melissa Rodriquez in a format where the prize pool is split 60-40 between first and second place.

The event this year seated 28 players playing on three tables. David Baker, Dante Parker and Brack Whitley won the all-important first hands on their respective tables. That first hand being so critical because most if not all players go all-in blind and the winners of those hands have deep stacks.

The tournament saw a record 309 re-buys and add-ons. After six levels, the game gets more serious due to the prize pool size and the inability to continue to re-buy. Don Whitley who was celebrating his 59th birthday at the tournament was the first player to be eliminated in this year’s event.

Fort Worth Poker League Holds 6th Annual Donkfest Tornament

Randall Whitley’s reign as the Donk-Champion came to an end after 11blind levels. When asked what happened, Whitley simply stated,”Winning this once is hard, winning it twice was even harder, and I came into this one knowing a three-peat was probably not going to happen. It was a good run, but in the end, I just got donked out on”.

The final table had a good collection of players, three with WSOP experience, and three that are in the league for their first year. In the end, like in most poker games luck became a factor.

Jason McDowell, aka Captain Fleet and Rob Sloan went heads-up for a total of one hand, with McDowell becoming the new 2012 Donk-Champion.

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